NEEO Play is a gaming platform, which will allow you to multiply your NEEO Tokens

NEEO Play is the only application where you can use NEEO tokens for passing games.

Meet Neeo! He
wants to have

Inside our application, you will find 7 different mini-games. Prepare all your dexterity and skill! You have to beat Neeo in every game to get his treasure.

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Already available:


Play games, get keys, activate them and start earning!


Discover 7 fascinating game plots


Get the keys

For passing games, get unique activation keys



Share keys with friends, exchange keys on the exchange platform and get NEEO tokens

How to play NEEO Play?

NEEO tokens


You can purchase NEEO tokens on the Coinsuper exchange from March 10, 2019.

NEEO Wallet

The NEEO tokens is a currency that can be used in NEEO Apps ecosystem applications. Manage your NEEONEEO tokens via NEEO Wallet app


Our application provides the user with access to seven different exciting games designed specifically for this platform. You will not get bored with us!


Each game will tell you a story about the adventures of our hero Neeo. Play along with Neeo, help overcome obstacles and solve riddles. More fun with Neeo!


Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who is Neeo and how did he appear in the NEEO Play universe?

    We want to introduce you to a guest from another planet - merry fellow Neeo. Neeo was born in the NEEO Play universe recently and hasn’t had a chance to make friends yet. Help him explore all around! Neeo will show you a huge world of exciting adventures. Along with him you will pass seven tests and learn how to make much of your investments! Show your persistence, go to the goal, win and earn playing games designed specifically for the NEEO Play platform!

  • What game genres are available on the NEEO play platform?

    We have developed seven unique arcade and logic games for you. During the journey through the NEEO Play universe you’ll have to capture and build castles, solve tasks, compete in speed, fight rivals. Immerse yourself in the world of NEEO Play thanks to an interesting plot and nice graphics. Make new achievements, use your imagination while creating something new, go to the goal and win. For winning each game you will receive a key that will give you an opportunity to earn NEEO tokens!

  • How can NEEO Play help me to increase the amount of NEEO tokens?

    Download the app, register, replenish your NEEO tokens account and start playing! For winning each game you will get a unique key. You can gift your key to your friends and as soon as they activate it and start playing - you will start earning! You can also trade keys on the stock exchange inside the NEEO Play platform. Offer your price for them, sell or buy new keys.

  • When will the project be launched?

    The official launch date of the project is March 10, 2019. Register so you don't miss anything!

  • Is it safe to use NEEO Play?

    All transactions are signed on the user's device. Data on all transactions are in the public ethereum network, hidden frauds are excluded. It's blockchain!

  • How to start playing NEEO Play?

    You can download the application on iOS or Android. You will also have access to the web version of the application! You can register on the platform only with the mobile version. Join NEEO Play right now, and you will get 7 NEEO tokens to your game account immediately after downloading!